Siesta Key

Ahhhhhh Siesta Key… Renowned and made even more famous with the help of Dr. Beach’s  annual and ongoing stellar review of Siesta Beaches memorable powdery confection sugar-like sand as one of the perennially best beaches in all of the United States. In fact, he gives it a #2 rating for 2016! In 2011, he awarded Siesta Beach his #1 ranking. This massive beach is hundred of yards wide in a crescent shape favored by Mother Nature’s ebbs and flows, currents and storms. Volleyball, sun worshippers of all stripes and ages, Sunday Drum Circles with their pulsing beat in the glowing tropical sunset air. 

Locals will tell you the vibe here is youthful and very relaxed, by and large, and I would agree with that 100%. The village is small and compact and feels like a throwback village to a special era of beach bumming beach towns complete with outdoor beach volleyball not unlike what you may remember from the good ole days in California and Hawaii. Restaurants and bars with dancing are the norm and you will feel right at home and comfortable in a “come as you are” shorts, sundress and flip flops state of mind.

Siesta Key is a phenomenal addition and crown jewel to the mix and variety of the aptly named Suncoast of Florida. With its many days of sunshine especially between the months of early December and late May. Northerners flock here to their rentals and second homes to escape winter’s wrath and fury in the northern tier of the United States and Canada.

Grab your hat, flip flops, rent a bike, get yourself a cooler, umbrella, towel and soak in her  beautiful relaxing energies and the whitest softest sands you will never ever be able to forget.

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